Onward Christian Soldiers….

There's so many!
There’s so many!

Not really sure where to start on my quest for religion, I turned to that staple of decision-making – online quizzes.
I’ve taken five online quizzes claiming to find the right religion for me. Here’s what I got:


This claims to tell me my spiritual path. First of all, it seems pretty Christianity-centric, but let’s see.
It claims that my top result is Unitarian Universalism – never heard of it.
Next is Quakers – they always seem like nice guys
Then Taoism, Neo-Paganism, Mahayan Buddhism and Jainism.

Next up we’ve got the Playbuzz quiz “Which Religion Best Suits You?”
It spat up Buddhism. Okay, we may be getting somewhere!

Jainism....the (kinda) good guys to use that symbol before the (really) bad guys used it.
Jainism….the (kinda) good guys to use that symbol before the (really) bad guys used it.

Now ProProfs. Can I join the religion of spell-check please? It’s existence, not existance.
Haha I think it must have heard me complaining about its spelling, cause I got LaVeyan Satanism. Gonna have to look some more into that one!

Hello, Quizrocket. Where do you think I belong?
Apparently behind a lot of adverts…
Oh dear, I got atheist. Does atheist really count as a religion? Isn’t it more like the absence of religion?

Alright, one last one, and it’s findmyreligion.com. This quiz claims not to guess what religion you are, but see how “your own thoughts fit into different beliefs”. That sounds like what I want!
This quiz is much more interesting – it’s asking me questions like, do you know there is or isn’t a god, or think there is or isn’t a god. Hmm.
Okay, answer time. 71.4% secular (which is atheist, right?), 50% Wiccan, 35.7% Pagan, 14.3% Buddhist and 14.3% Hindu.

As you can see, I’ve had lots of different answers. Is it because all religions are, at a base level, the same? Or does it entirely depend on what kind of questions are being asked?
Before next time I’ll look into these few religions, and see if any particularly “speak” to me.
Send good thoughts – I must just need them.